M A R G A R E T ellen T U R N E R  
  WINNER Kenilworth Painting Prize, 2013
  These paintings are not programmatic. I am entirely concerned in the making with process, improvisation, colour and space. Humans, however, are primarily pattern-readers, which means we pull our meaning out of the random information of the universe. Thus, even though I do not intend, when I view a completed work I interpret the pattern and see reflected back to me the world of influence in which I live. For instance scientists have put together a graphic picture, which indicates that matter is a busy interacting sea of mass and energy, not a solid surface in sight. And, in the repetitive balloon-like shapes, there seems to be a reference to Space Invaders, the killer App from the early days of computer games.
Or are those shapes I see heads, facing away, the crowd of women in Egypt, who are hoping and acting for a democratic government that will include their voice. I too hope for that.

    The Judges' Comments.
"The criteria used to arrive at our decision among such a diverse collection of fifteen finalists were:
> originality
> technique
> Extending parameters of public
   perception of what at is
> innovative use of materials.

"The art work 'Space Invaders' provides a range of novel approaches to stimulate thought and ideas on aesthetic arrangements of colour, pattern and reptitions. It is a very current concept conveying the idea other life forms may exist. This macro/micro view of possibilities expresses today very powerfully."

John Waldron
Janna Pameijer
Kevin Oxley

Winner, Kenilworth Painting Prize 2013
Space Invaders #572

Acrylic on Canvas, 1.4 x 1m