The Idea of Wallum – the slideshow:

After Erasure, getting back into beginners mind. I turn the canvas on its head to confound expectations.
And alllow space for the colour that has been teasing at the edges of my blue obsession
I am still haunting the local wetland forests, letting the trees lead me not into the wallums form but into it's darknesses;
those things it hides, so we can not destroy them

Installation at Noosa Regional Gallery, 2010 Controlled Burn, 2, 2009 (66x52cm) The Idea of Wallum 11, 2010 (1x1.4m) The Idea Of Wallum,7, 2010
The Idea Of Wallum,8, 2010
The Idea Of Wallum 6,, 2010 (1x1.4m)the
The Idea Of Wallum, 12,2010 (1x1.4m) Installation at Noosa Regional Gallery, 2010Photo Album Website by v2.3m