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2019 Remembering Ruby Gap, Caloundra Regional Gallery
          (as part of Painting Space)
2015 Space Invaders at Rosebed St Gallery, Eudlo.
2014 Space Invaders TEDXNoosa at the "J".
2013 Space Invaders at University of the Sunshine Coast Art Gallery
2010 The Idea of Wallum, Noosa Regional Gallery
2009 erasure, Gympie Regional Art Gallery
2008 erasure, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery
1995 Umbrella Gallery, Townsville.
1994 Palace Gallery Brisbane,
1993 Loading Bay, MOCA, Brisbane.
1992 Palace Gallery, Brisbane.
1989 Macquarie Gallery, Sydney.
1988 New Zealand High Commission, London.
1988 Air and Space Gallery, London.
1984 Irving Sculpture Gallery, Sydney.

2021 Finalist Caloundra Art Prize
2019 Finalist Sunshine Coast Art Prize
2019 Finalist Caloundra Art Prize
2018 Finalst Caloundra Art Prize
2017 Finalist Paddington Art Prize
2017 Finalist Caloundra Art Prize
2016 Outskirts at Caloundra Regional Gallery
2016 Finalist Noosa Art Prize
2015 Finalist, Muswellbrook Art Prize
2013 Kenilworth Painting Prize, Qld, Winner
2013 Moreton Bay Art Award, Finalist QLD.
2013 Wilson Art Award, Finalist, NSW
2013 Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Finalist, QLD.
2013 Winner, Kenilworth Painting Prize, Qld,
2013 Finalist, Moreton Bay Art Award,QLD.
2013 Finalist, Wilson Art Award, NSW
2013 Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize,QLD.
2013 True Stories from the Studio, Noosa TAFE art
          lecturers exhibition Sunshine Coast Uni Gallery
2012 True Stories from the Studio, Noosa TAFE art
          lecturers exhibition Gympie Regional Gallery
2012 Con'ceit 2012, Corangamarah Art Prize, Finalist
2011 Squeeze, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery
2011 Con'ceit 2011, Corangamarah Art Prize, Finalist
2010 Con'ceit 2010, Corangamarah Art Prize, Finalist
2009 Heyson Prize Finalist, Hahndorf, SA.
2008 Sunshine Coast Art Prize
2007 Abundance in our Place , Coma, Maleny
2007 Art in Our Place , Coma, Maleny
2007 Flying Arts Regional Art Exhibition
2006 Sunshine Coast Inaugural Art Prize
2003 Electric Hankies USC Gallery
2002 "Pixels and Paint", University of the Sunshine Coast
2001 "Technotots" Stephen Mori Gallery, Sydney
1999 "Screen_Image"Perth Institue of
          Contemporary Art
1999 Gallery 10, Palmwoods.
1998 Novoborosk University, Siberia
1997 Arcade II, Brighton University
1996 Macarthur University Print exhibition
1995 Selection from Zero One Digital Art, IMA.
1995 Zero One, Digital Art, Institute of Modern Art;
         Noosa Gallery
1995 ANAT, H Block Gallery, QUT
1994 ISEA, Helsinki.
1994 Womens’s Gallery, Melbourne
1993 Fabulous Fax Art, Minneapolis
1992 Dissonance, Contemporary Gallery, Newcastle.
1991 Art Freeway, Jan Taylor Gallery,Sydney.
1990 Private Obsessions, Uni of Newcastle
1987 Kunstakademie Gallery, Munster, West  Germany.
1987 Four Women Artists, Bracknell, UK.
1985 Graven Images, Art Gallery of WA.
1984 2nd Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne.
1982 Mitchell Cotts Award, Exhibition, Sydney.
1981 1st Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne.

1995 Umbrella Gallery, Townsville
1994 Palace Gallery, Brisbane
1993 Campbelltown City Art Gallery.

Caloundra Regional Art Gallery
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
Morden Arts Center, London
Wollongong City Gallery, N.S.W.
Hamilton City Art Callery, Victoria

2013 Winner, Kenilworth Painting Prize, Qld,
2013 Finalist, Moreton Bay Art Award,QLD.
2013 Finalist, Wilson Art Award, NSW
2013 Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize,QLD.
2012 tidal, Devonport Art Prize, Tasmania. Finalist
2012 con.ceit,12 Corangamarah Art Prize,Vic. Finalist.
2011 Squeeze, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery
2011 Gainsborough Green Art Prize. Selected
2011 con.ceit, Corangamarah Art Prize, Finalist.
2010 Finalist, con.ceit '10 Corangamarah Art Prize
2009 Finalist, Heyson Prize for Interpretation of
, Hahndorf.
2008 Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize
2007 Finalist, Flying Arts Regional Art Award
2006 Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize
1994 Arts Queensland, Professional
          Develoment. Grant,
1994 Professional Development Grant, QUT.
1988 London Studio Grant, VAB, Australia Council
1988 Glasgow Research Grant, VAB, Aust Council.
1987 Private Enterprise Fellowship, Chase
          Corp, NZ
1987 Carter Memorial Sculpture Prize, Reading.
1986 Clifford Norton Award, Reading University.
1985 Travel Grant, VAB, Australia Council.
1983 Project Grant,VAB, Australia Council.
1982 Mitchell Cotts Award, City Art Inst, Sydney.
1978 Hozumi Momota Art Award, Japan.

1985-87 Master of Art , Sculpture, Reading Uni, UK
1982 Grad. Dip. Sculpture, City Art Ins,Sydney.
1979-83 B.A. (Visual Arts) City Art Institute.
1977-78 Art Certificate, Liverpool TAFE,Sydney.

2019 Dr Lisa Chandler, Painting Space, Catalogue Essay
2010 Dr Lisa Chandler, The Idea of Wallum,
          Catalogue Essay
1997 Review, Alien Spaces, Eyeline, No 34, Spring
1997 "High-Low Art", Art Beat Cd Rom for Arts and Society, QUT
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1995 "A Sprinkle of Pixel Dust", Catalogue Essay,
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1994 "Presence embedded in absence", Urgent Images: The graphic
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1994 "Aspects of Electronic Art", Kick Arts forum,
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1994 "Unbroken Ground", Art Monthly, No 73,
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1992 "2364 words on Survival after Art School",
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1991 "The Grail of Lost Female Experience," Dissonance
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1991 "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Woman Artist",
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1990 "A Faceted View", Art City, Newcastle, No. 4, Nov,
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1978 "A Song of Colours", winner Hozumi Momota Art Award

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