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MARGARET ellen TURNER - Painting Now
The Matriarchs: A series begun the first year of Covid
These videos unpack the process of some of the 10(sort of) works some of which took more than a year to complete

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  Video for #688.
PAINTING: A dangerous business

Working on the paintings in this new series, Matriarchs, has seemed like writing (or reading) ten Russian novels. There is a common theme - vessel - but otherwise each painting is a world unto itself. And they are a bit bossy too.


  Video for #681
Spirit of Place,

I trained as a sculptor and now I paint. And I think that, while they exist on a flat surface they are still sculptures - concerned with scale and depth.
And as a painter I push and goad the paint around to exploit all of its qualities, not just its pigment colour.


  Video for #684
A Tale Of Two Endings

Another episode in "The Matriarch's" painting saga. This one about a painting that had two endings - but one was lost.


  Video for #683
As Process

All my painting is about the process, allowing what is emerging on the canvas to lead me through to an end point. It's exciting, often frustrating but ultimately very satisfying.



Video for #675
Digging deeper into my painting process.

Photographing work at the end, or start of every day was something I heard that Andy Goldsworthy practiced. I have found it an invaluable habit to adopt. The video shows how I use a slide program as a process journal documenting the previous day together with pigment details, and some ideas from a photo editor of what I could do next.