Crucibles, 1993. Margaret Ellen Turner: Painting Now
In Newcastle (1990/91) I spent many hours learning the process to cast my Tin Can Goddesses in bronze using the lost wax process under the guidence of Vlase Nikoleski, head of the sculpture studio at Newcastle University.
Vlase had set up a gas kiln in an old garage under the sculpture studio.
The dried plaster mould was fired overnight in the kiln to remove the wax and the kiln needed to be tended all night of a firing to ensure the heat was increased steadily so the plaster would not blow up. I spent many nights there learning the process. It was on these occasions that I sketched the crucibles stacked on a high shelf on one wall, illuminated in relief by the firey glow from the kiln.
These 11 works are charcoal, pastel and paint, on a paper surface layered with glazes of tinted shellac.

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