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Paintings are generally sized 1 x 1.4 metres, acrylic paint on canvas.
If purchasing from a gallery exhibtion the
price of a painting varies from $2500-$4500.
(Price tables below)




Make me an offer
Howsoever, I am open to you making me an offer over $1000 taking into account the value of the work to you and your own financial circumstances.

I am also keen to donate proceeds to the charity of your choice.

If you like the work but need it to be a smaller size - then I have the option of getting a high quality photo reproduction.
A print, it costs $1-1.500 depending on size.



2020 - The Matriarchs - $3-4500




2019 - Remembering Ruby Gap - $2500

RRG#573 RRG#659 RRG#654 RRG#676 RRG#664

2013 - Space Invaders $2000


  2010 - Idea of Wallam $2000
  forest edge - into the dark