M A R G A R E T ellen T U R N E R: about painting 

About the Matriarchs. Media Release, 01.05.2021

“You Are My Sisters”

Painting is akin to growing a garden. It can’t be pushed or pulled. I bring my aesthetic skill set to the paint and canvas, working hard to disrupt my desire to control so I can sustain as long as possible that sensation of exploring the "road less-travelled". Through blind alleys, detours, accidents and serendipity, a painting emerges, in its own time and according to its own nature. My task is to be committed, patient and fearless.

Only when it is finished and enters the broader social context does meaning matter and its exploration can begin.

I see vessels and a moon, symbols long associated with women. I think how women have laboured, even slaved for and loved this country, through the aeons. Their joys, hopes and resilience are the back bone on which this land has been shaped and survives. Yet we still struggle to give women the respect they’re due.

You are my sisters.