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Remembering Ruby Gap

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The recent work continues to emerge as epic in nature and unmistakably
about the landscape - or at least a version of it. They betray my
ongoing fascination with depth of space on the canvas, but how to
deal with the emergence of the columns and windows that
create glimpses of something underlying the surface?
An interim name for this series is Rock Operas.
Alluding to the theatrical, large-scale but far-fetched
character of opera plots - the muscial and Sci Fi,
for which I confess a great fondness.

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After Rain
Acrylic on canvas
140x100 cms
Finalist Paddington Art Prize
Water/Light Falls
Acrylic on canvas
140x100 cms
Escarpment after Rain
Acrylic on canvas
140x100 cms
Finalist Caloundra Art Prize
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Ruby Gap

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