MARGARET ellen TURNER - Painting Now
Water/Light Falls

As always, a long journey to get here.
Exploring a tender line
I started by rolling marbles down wet paint,
then pulled string through wet paint.
And then used the string to actually
put paint on the canvas.

I worked on 26 long-journey canvases in the 12 months after Outskirts to arrive at this place of canyons, water and light..

The marbles gave me beautiful results AND required i construct a complex armature. First, I just let the marbles fall on the floor - a deafening racket! and then I had to find them all!!! and then wash them and then reuse them on the same work - all before the paint dried. It was a marathon and I bought many packets of marbles. See No 646.

Pulling string and rags through several splurges of paint on the canvas, gave me some interesting outcomnes (No 644) and a first foray into paint-dipped string in No 649

This Video shows something of the process involved
show some of the sketches that seem to me to be part of the story.


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