MARGARET ellen TURNER - Painting Now
Mid 2018 already! So what's been doing in the studio of late?    
Mostly I am preparing work for an exhibition in 2019.

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As the character of the sky shape becomes stronger,
I am thinking of calling this series of painting
'Clouds are Rocks Dreaming'
It's useful seeing them all together like this.
Not an experience I often have.
And if you are wondering where the arches come from...
I'll have to confess I am not in charge here.
I'm simply the worker weilding the paint.
I think the arches like the waterfalls are about
adding structure and focus.
No 659 No 660 No 653
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No 662 No 663 No 666
661 654 657
After Rain
Acrylic on canvas
140x100 cms
Finalist Paddington Art Prize
Water/Light Falls
Acrylic on canvas
140x100 cms
Escarpment after Rain
Acrylic on canvas
140x100 cms
Finalist Caloundra Art Prize
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